swimming pool at hotel in Pigeon Forge

4 Reasons Your Kids Will Enjoy a Vacation at Our Hotel in Pigeon Forge

We understand how much our guests want to enjoy every minute of their vacation while at our hotel in Pigeon Forge. We also know that many of them come as a family and want their kids to enjoy it every bit as much as the adults. While there’s much to see and do here in this tourist town, it all starts with your accommodations. Here is our list of 4 things that will make your kids enjoy their stay at Green Valley Motel!

1. Seasonal Pools

Once the weather begins to warm up nicely here in the Smoky Mountains, that means it’s time to spend a large portion of your day taking a dip in the seasonal pools at our hotel in Pigeon Forge. We know that many families that stay with us have a long day of traveling, and what’s better than a refreshing swim to wash away the strain of the hours it may have taken to get here. If you have small children, they have their own little kiddie pool so you don’t have to carry them into the big pool. This is great family fun you’ll want to enjoy as soon as you arrive!

2. Near Fun Family Attractions

WonderWorks in Pigeon ForgeIf you came here to participate in all the fun that Pigeon Forge has to offer, you’ve certainly come to the right place! With our great location, the kids won’t have to wait long upon arrival to experience the many great joys available here. Being directly on the Parkway means you’re never far from attractions such as ​Pigeon Forge Snow​, WonderWorks​, or ​Dolly Parton’s Stampede​. These are all kid-friendly places that every young boy and girl — and yes, adults too — will have an amazing time visiting. Take a look around and you’ll find even more things to explore another day!

3. Staying Updated Online

While you’re here at our hotel in Pigeon Forge, your kids will never have the fear of missing out since we give our guests full access to WiFi. After a long day of fun in the Smoky Mountains, they’ll want to pick out the best pictures they took and upload them to their social media accounts. We know that you can find it impossible to stay offline for too long, and your kids will especially be comforted by this convenience that shouldn’t be denied in an area as thrilling as this is!

4. Adjoining Rooms

Double Queen roomIf you need the extra space, we have adjoining rooms to give your kids their own space and privacy. Don’t be afraid of the rates, as ours are some of the best you’ll find anywhere! This is another great benefit of staying with us: You’ll get plenty of value and the kids will appreciate the extra space. We think you’ll love whichever room you decide on, but giving you the opportunity to make the slight space upgrade without breaking the bank is something you’ll definitely want to keep in mind!

These are all great reasons why our hotel in Pigeon Forge will be a popular place for your kids to enjoy on vacation. If you want everyone to be happy when it’s time for your getaway, book your ​Smoky Mountain motel room​ today!