exterior of green valley motel in pigeon forge

5 Benefits of Choosing Our Pigeon Forge Hotel over a Cabin for Vacation

When you’re preparing for a Smoky Mountain vacation, the obvious choice might be to stay in a cabin, but our Pigeon Forge hotel offers things you just can’t get in a cabin. We’d like to show you all the benefits that we’re sure will make your vacation better for your family at Green Valley Motel!

1. Great Value

Cabins can get quite pricey depending on what you’re looking for, and you’ll find that there are many fees that can be tacked on to the advertised price. What you see is what you get from us, except for the sales tax. With everything that comes in your room and our many ​hotel amenities​, you’ll see an extraordinary value. You’ll feel happy that you didn’t spend all of your money on accommodations; now you have extra fun money!

2. Friendly and Gracious Service

The only communication you’ll normally receive when you book a cabin will be through email and/or phone. How would you like to be greeted with friendly and gracious service that becomes much more evident in person after walking through the doors of our Pigeon Forge hotel! Customer service is priority number one, and we strive to provide a positive first impression upon your visit. This will go a long way toward making your vacation a special one!

3. No Stressful Car Rides

No one wants to be stressed while on vacation. A cabin rental may have great views, but most of the time you’ll have to travel along winding and narrow mountain roads to get to them. Our location on the Parkway means no unusually hilly or rough terrain on your trip here. And once you are here, you can either walk or take the trolley to some of the many ​area attractions​. That means no more stressful car rides for a vacation that should be all about relaxation!

4. On-site Security

If you’re staying in a cabin vacation and need assistance, chances are help is more than just a few minutes away. At our hotel, not only do we provide security on-site, it’s available 24 hours a day. We don’t believe you’ll need to use it, but peace of mind will ensure your comfort with us. Comfort doesn’t just mean a nice hotel room; it also means we have your utmost safety in mind.

5. Let Someone Else Cook

steak with friesHere’s the truth: Unless you plan to drive into town every day for food, you’re going to be tasked with providing and cooking your own meals. When you stay with us, you can leave the cooking at home and let someone else do the dirty work. Of course we’re talking about taking advantage of some amazing food offered here. This will take the pressure off you, and the cooks in the area will gladly produce a top-notch Southern meal for you instead!

If you have reservations about booking a cabin, then look no further than our Pigeon Forge hotel for your vacation! ​Book your room​ and enjoy all the benefits that our hotel provides!