exterior of green valley motel in pigeon forge

Top 5 Reasons Why Guests Love Our Hotel in Pigeon Forge

We’re sure you’ll be able to find more than 5, but we had to dwindle the list down to the very top reasons guests love staying at our hotel in Pigeon Forge. There are many things to see in Pigeon Forge, so take a look at what Green Valley Motel can offer you as a visitor in the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

1. Close to Everything

When you’re staying at our hotel in Pigeon Forge, you’ll be excited to see almost everything you want to experience as far as the eyes can see! The kids will love ​The Track,​ which is just a short walk away, or take the whole family to see an unbelievable dinner show just down the road. We haven’t even mentioned the incredible eateries that line the Parkway in Pigeon Forge, featuring some of the tastiest food in all of East Tennessee. Whether it’s pancakes or steak, breakfast or dinner, there’s no wrong answer to any restaurant you decide to visit.

2. Wonderful Customer Service

There is no greater value when you’re selecting our hotel in Pigeon Forge than getting great customer service from the moment you walk in the door until it’s time to check out. We go above and beyond what is necessary to provide you with the friendliest and most gracious service we can possibly offer. We understand the value of enjoying a great vacation with the family, and we pride ourselves in living up to the standards set with Southern hospitality.

3. Our Room Amenities

While customer service may be our top priority, we make sure your experience stays well with all the amenities our rooms provide in our hotel in Pigeon Forge. Not only do we offer the standard guest rooms, but we also have suites and Jacuzzi rooms available; all of them are properly equipped with the necessary items for a comfortable stay: a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker. This ensures that you can wake up and have a fresh cup of coffee in your room, or have a way to store and heat up those leftovers from your restaurant visits

4. Trolley Stop Nearby

Fun Time TrolleySometimes you’re just done with driving, and the convenience of having a trolley stop close to our hotel in Pigeon Forge can feel like a life-saver on your trip. The ​Fun Time Trolley​ in Pigeon Forge is a great, efficient way to take advantage of all the fun times available in our tourist town. At just 50 cents to get to most of the attractions in Pigeon Forge, it’s an excellent alternative mode of transportation.

5. Affordable Rates

The last great thing guests love about our hotel in Pigeon Forge is the value you receive in our affordable rates. We’ve already covered how we’ll hook you up with convenience and customer service, but you can also add in how well our rates will allow your money to go far on vacation. Don’t just stay at a big name hotel when our lovely 50-room hotel can take care of your needs above and beyond your expectations!

We’ve given you 5 reasons guests love our hotel in Pigeon Forge. Take a look and book one of our great ​Pigeon Forge motel rooms​ and see why the Green Valley Motel should be your place to stay!